Paroles de A night in summer long ago

Mark Knopfler

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Date de parution : 17/01/1996

Durée : 0:04:43

Style : Pop

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My lady, may i have this dance
Forgive a knight who knows no shame
My lady, may i have this dance
And lady, may i know your name

You danced upon a soldier's arm
And i felt the blade of love so keen
And when you smiled, you did me harm
And i was drawn to you, my queen

Now these boots may take me where they will
Though they may never shine like his
There is no knight, i would not kill
To have my lady's hand to kiss

Yes, and they did take me through the hall
To leave me not one breath from you
And they fell silent one and all
And you could see my heart was true, bye

Then i did lead you from the hall
And we did ride 'pon the hill
Away beyond this city wall
And sure you are my lady still

Night in summer long ago
Stars were falling from the sky
And still, my heart, i have to know
Why do you love me, lady, why?

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