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Father Einstein

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Why so mad, nightingale?
Wont you let us hear you sing?
Why so sad, nightingale?
Wont you come enjoy sweet spring?
Tell us all your little tale,
Tell us little nightingale.

Verse 1
Seduced by a real lady,
Forced to give up all my wealth.
Settle down, say i do,
Always told to follow rules,
In the hands of solitude,
I rest my perfect voice.

Repeat chorus

Verse 2
Destroyed by a tax collector,
Saving for a rainy day.
Window-shop for goodwill,
Empty pockets standing still,
Out of money, no free will,
I rest my perfect voice.

Repeat chorus

I hear an echo from my grave,
Im free at last, im not a slave.
Hopeless, perfect voice within,
Some day soon ill win.

Repeat chorus

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