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Asaf Avidan

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It's understood
That you don't wanna be
A part of this
All that you could
But you have grown a part from this

And i for one
I'm sick of running
In this circle dear
And i for one
Would love the sound
Of your voice in my ears

It's crystal clear
All those i'm here
I'm not a part of this

It's over do
So let's both put
A end to this
You know it's true
Why don't you put
An end to this

Our time is done
What it was is gone
It's only memories

That's kick us on
Let's end this on
With your voice telling me

It's crystal clear
All that i'm here
I'm a part of this

I think i knew
That it would have to
End like this
I'm blaming you
But i'm as much to
Blame in this
It's seem my heart
Right from the start
Was always split in two

It is so far
From what you are
And what i remade of you
It's crystal clear
I wasn't here
I'm not a part of this x5

It's crystal clear
I wasn't here
I've never been a part of this

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