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I'm taking this opportunity to discuss with you some matters that concern all of us who work for the company and its subsidiaries.
We're all aware of the increased number of customers making use of our services throughout the world.
There are more and more clients coming into our offices every day.
We have more and more queries of all kinds for us to answer.
How does a customer judge us? certainly his judgement will be based on the quality of the products and services he purchases.
But equally he'll judge us all on how well he's treated. if he's made to feel unwelcome, we've failed.
Sooner or later, this must result in loss of sales.
How does a customer feel after dealing with us? does he want to deal with one of our offices again?
Or does he turn to a competitor or tell others what poor treatment he received?
Does he belittle our service and our employees because he was treated discourteously?
We know we offer the finest, most complete products and services available in our field. we can all take a great deal of pride in this.
But most important to us and to our customers is service, and good service to our customers every day can't be haphazard.
Our public image doesn't just happen. it's built moment by moment, one customer at a time, by each and every one of us.
The key to good customer relations is attitude. your attitude, my attitude, toward our jobs, our clients, and our fellow employees.
Large organizations are often thought of as cold and impersonal, constantly making rules to frustrate and discourage their employees.
I'd like to feel that each of us sees our job as a satisfying challenge rather than a chore.
For a respected, growing company such as ours, where customer service is the foundation of our business, i believe that jobs depend on sales, sales depend on service, service depends on you, and me.
Thank you very much.

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