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Walking Papers

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Date de parution : 04/10/2013

Durée : 0:04:29

Style : Alternative

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Her smile was an invitation
To start a conversation
So i moved in closer wearing
Too much cologne

I asked her if she came here often
If she might like a drink
Said i think we should find some place where
We can be alone

She said, "i must be going"
So i grabbed her by the wrist
I said, "what's the girl like you doing
Alone in a place like this?"

I desired her attention
So i decided i should mention
If she felt like dancing
Well, there was room on the floor

I said, "let's spend some time together
Let's get to know each other"
I felt like maybe
We've met some place before

A more fabulous dancer
Did not exist
So i asked her what she's doing
Alone in a place like this

I longed for a connection
I spun her in all directions
Feeling light on her feet
Is what she enjoys the most

While admiring her complexion
I came across my lonely reflection
And i realized that i have been dancing
Not with a woman, but with a ghost

So i pulled myself together
Hoping no-one noticed
What's a guy like me doing dancing
Alone in a place like this

Alone in a place like this
Alone in a place like this

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