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Date de parution : 27/07/1998

Durée : 0:07:15

Style : Alternative

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(sinner, naumann)

I ... i've seen it all before
Heading north, the parole
I sit here and watch it all comes down
A mile away from hell
Back in a foreign land
But will tomorrow ever come

(chorus 1:)
No regrets, no reason why
Release me, i'm dying

(chorus 2:)
We stood side by side, everybody's asking why
We had a dream ... it ended in screams
They sold us ... a question of honour

A flash of a shotgun blast ... listens the dark
Dan dies in a pool of blood
A jet's coming close ... as gas hits my nose
All the prayers came too late

(chorus 1 & 2)

The chance has fallen but i'm still awake
My chances at zero (at zero, zero, zero...)
Breath for the last time, a help out of reach
No times for heroes (heroes, heroes...)

(chorus 1 & 2)
(chorus 2)

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