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David Lynch

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So i'm goin' down this street
And i'm tryin' not to smile
'cause the street is where i'm goin'
And the curb is at the side
By the sewer
Where the rain goes down

Like this girl i once knew
'cause the sewer is so hollow
And the yell
Could last forever

Like the night my girl went away
Gone off in a world filled with stuff
Lights start changin'
And there's wires in the air
And the asphalt man,
Is all around me

And i look down

And my shoes are so far away from me, man
I can't believe it

I got a real indication
Of a laugh comin' on

That old wind
Is howling like a cold steel train
Girl has left me
Not comin' back again

Got rusted bullet holes in the dodge
And a heartburn like a solar flare
The grass by the house is dry, man

And a horsefly
By the big mistake in the distance , man,
I see myself start to smile

I got a real indication of a laugh comin' on

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