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My Shameful

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Just another saddened day break, again
Where ever i lay my weary look
I see memories, memories of pain
In remembrance of this hell, i wake again

Do you see all of this, all this pain
Written on the wall, all of my agony i felt so long
A saddened sunset will not hide these
Memories, on the grave of my dignity

I feel not like a human no more
But a ghost i am, a shadow of past
I do not remember what it was like
To rejoice to feel the sun
For too long i have been here
Trapped inside this betrayer body
How would i like to end this
But my hand will not rise, to do the final deed

"from daybreak to sundown
I feel the same pain throbbing
Inside this wrethced body
The body that once i commanded"

"but now, all i ask for, is the end to come quickly"

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