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Oh Guardian

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So many things left unsaid between us, but i hope that you know
The things you did left me with a faded sense of decay,
The ghost you became to haunt my life follows me every day
I still hear your voice, whispering in my ear
Ive regretted this since the day you turned my love to fear

As i dig deeper, i find myself seeking an embrace of loyalty that doesnt yet exist
I can still feel the scars that you left
I can still feel them in my head
The air becomes cold when your ghost is near
Look at what youve done, stay away from me

I am the haunted

This after all i did for you, you killed all your dreams
This after all i did for you, just stay away from me

Youre just a ghost, youre just a ghost hiding on the inside where they say true beauty lies
I cant seem to find happiness in anybody else, the love i gave to you was taken in distress,
And kept with the dust on your shelf

Is it enough if i told you how i feel about the ways you turn me on
I called out your name, you said you felt the same, but your actions speak louder than words
I have but one thing to ask

Did you come back to haunt me, or to make amends?

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