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Date de parution : 01/08/2013

Durée : 0:04:42

Style : Rock

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It looks serious
Is that a paper i see in your hand?
Then a pause for a german phrase
"nie wieder nie wieder, nie wieder nie wieder"

Never again, none of your lip
Y'tulip, y'tulip, y'pea brained earwig
Y'punk, y'silver tongued shnake
I'd rather make furniture than go to midnight mass

Y'tulip, y'pea brained earwig
Y'punk, y'silver tongued snake

He's a genius in research, i simply fell in love, i've got your zip code?
Over there u.s.a., green turbaned angels annex the right bank
Baby, in a shambolic sideshow they abandoned the baby
The baby trained, baby returns, baby kills mary and joseph

Talk about laughing, i might have defeated cancer or so they say
Electrocuted, i was transformed into a foot soldier of the good general
Passionate for knights in the heart of ancient persia
Fearless to go forth, fearless to adapt then blow to pieces

Please send your god my very best wishes
Does he still sing? does he still fish?
Does he still help you on your days off?
Don't stopping that dripping, i prefer the old tortures
It's only when you stop that i feel it

When you lose the ship, it's like losing a part of you
I have a sense of my exposure, it's all on the neg.
I try to use 2 instead of 3, ah, but i have secrets
And there's a story in me, it starts

Dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot

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