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Houston Davis Jones

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When you were just a girl the stars would fall into your hands
The universe and galaxies would yield at your command
From grassy fields and fallen leaves to ocean shores and glens
A single grain of sand could hold the wonders of the world
To you, to you

With time your hair grew to the ground and foxes, mice, and birds
Became your closest friends without the need for clocks and words
The earth it was your playground and the things of it your toys
So limitless seemed all of life and with it all its joys

But people saw you smiling
And all happiness sincere
Can never be rewarded
For it brings most people tears
So they took you and they taught you
How to read and write and learn
And the weight of all mans knowledge held you down with its concerns

Still through the days of books and bags a shining light still glowed
In every blade of grass that through the hard cement did show
And when no one was looking and a spare hour arose
Youd climb the highest hill and watch the daylight curtain close

Then as you learned to live the lie and learned to love the news
The magic of your childhood seemed worthwhile to lose
What good can come from fantasy says the present to the past
It only puts aside what will already too soon pass

So if youre feeling lonely in this world so densely packed
Remember how you used to live if you can still think back
To grassy fields and fallen leaves and ocean shores and glens
When a single grain of sand still held the wonders of the world
To you, to you

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