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Once more i had to stare in your stupid face
It's the last time i'll struggle with my endless grace
Once more i had to hear your hypocritical voice
It's the last time you'll trick me, i'm fucking annoyed

Once more i control myself
Infinite hate against you and your breed
Once more i admire myself
Never again you bite the hand that feeds

Barefaced! disgraced!
Take that! hilarious bastard!
Incredible! detestable!
Take that! motherfucking coward!

I'm sober
I'm sober
I'm sober
I could never be so drunken,
That i'll swallow your lies!
I'm colder!
Bled dry, i'm the undead soldier
Marching out, i wipe it all out
Don't say a word, i don't swallow your lies!

Once again i had to build up my courage
But i still feel like i'm livin' in a birdcage
Once again i had to draw a line under your frauds
Yes, man! i see the dollar signs in your eyes!

Once again i breaked my silence
Felt like a stone smashing my fears
Once again i see the essence
Nothing's worth except the paper in your hand

I'm seething, but i'm stranded
And you think that i'm a babe in the woods
You make me sick, while you're telling tales
Just do what you should!
And if you think, that i will stop
You've got no fucking idea
I am a stable drop
Nailing down your darkest fears!

You've got no fucking idea
You've got no fucking idea

Your lies!
Your lies!
Your lies!
Your lies!

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