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Look at your stars
- it's not just star
It's all inside
- we're not on mars
Just realise
- it's where you are
How far

- go back outside
Look at your stars
- don't ever hide
It's all inside
- behind your eyes
Just realise
- so sad, so wise
How far

Look at your skies
- a comet you are
It's all inside
- it's a star too far
Just realise
How far

"and we feel our own experiences" x2

"this is what we're trying to do"

It's not just stars
We're not on mars
It's where you are
Go back outside
Don't ever hide
Behind your eyes
So sad, so wise
A comet you are
It's a star too far

"risk all to grasp the deepest and most hidden revelations"

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