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Edel Joyce Domingo

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Verse 1:
5 o' clock in the morning when i wake up
Daily routine that are not ending up
I need a break to escape this misery that i am in

Study the numbers and all planets and the earth
History of our heroes never get burn
Why don't we try to learn about the meaning of love

It's just a word but it's hard to define
It was a feeling that struck me that time
It was crazy then what am i gonna do

Maybe the thing that i felt was love, love, love
Such a mystery
It's not infatuation coz i know it was love, love, love
That strike me from within

(1) oh boy you made me feel so right
But when you're near, you made me feel so terrified

Verse 2:
You give me butterflies whenever you smile
But looking into your eyes i see the loneliness inside
Do you want me to take it away from you
I'll make you feel so loved, for sure...

(repeat chorus)

(2) oh boy you made me feel so loved
And now you're here, with me
Everything will be fine

Instrumental (26 seconds)

Time goes by love has gone
Who would have thought that it will last
Promises gone and we are done
But i didn't run in loving...

We both know that it was love, love, love
But we break our heart in two
And what happened between you and me
Where is love, love, love
You just turned and walked away

Oh boy what have i done wrong
Yeah maybe now it's time, it's time
Time to say, goodbye...

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