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Legendary Pink Dots

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It scored e-minus on its ancestry.
It stuttered on the phone. they tried extensive hypnotherapy but
It sat there like a stone. they checked its pockets, they pumped
The pentathol...stole marrow from its bones...and left it naked in
The guest room, quite alone. they debated for a year. the casebook
Stretched from here to here...quoted precedents and dissidents. and
Johnny joined the space police and searched the stars for refugees-
His finger on the stunner in the name of earthly peace. and when it
Seemed that space was empty and the moon was made of cheese, they
Decided on a terra firma 'welcome'. but, guess...our guest was now they cut it into pieces. they sterilized them, placed
Them in a case and charged admission. now i'm watching television
And i see laughter in its eyes. i hear a rumble in the sky, they're
Coming for their boy!

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