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Date de parution : 01/06/2012

Durée : 0:08:03

Style : Heavy Metal

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Moving with my blackness
Shadow on my soul
Someone brought the liar
Evil took control - yeah
Crawl away from sadness
Scratching heaven's crust
Now my rust goes deeper
Eating all my trust
Lift my clouds of sorrow
Don't rain this fire down
Whirlwind life so hollow
Emptiness abounds - yeah
I give you the best that i can
And i got to keep it coming
'till the end i'm creating something
Old magic pounding heart
You are the clock that holds me
Some dreams came true this far
How many more in a lifeline
Walking brave to never
In this ending game
Stole my dream so clever - ooh
And turned the screw of pain
Rise my wings of fortune
I am carried by the sound
Howling at the naked moon
I spread my words around - yeah
I do as good as i can
And i have to keep on rolling
Here i go my friends
I know i'm creating something
You forged my sword and armor
I fought my way this far
So many roads to follow
Is there judgement after
When our days are gone
I have sinned forever - aahh
Forgive the things i've done
Open the arcanum
Wisdom must be found
Burn your mind of venom
And force it to the ground
We give as good as we can
And we have to keep on rocking
So here we go again
To the end we're creating something
Old magic fireheart
You've been destroyed but not defeated
We've made it here this far
A thousand cuts won't bleed us dry
I give the best that i can
No no a thousand cuts won't bleed us dry
So here i go my friend
Old magic pounding heart
It's magic it's magic
To the end i'm creating something
Creating something - yeah

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