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Youth Of Today

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Date de parution : 01/01/1997

Durée : 0:01:18

Style : Alternative

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This is a time that we can live our dreams
And a time so pure, at least it seems
A simple life, a modest one
Where money plays a minor role

And i pray
And i'll try to keep this spirit inside me
As i start to grow old
This is an era of creativity

Good music and good friends
And the dreams that we reach for
Seem to be at the tips of our hands
And it's getting too late to appreciate

And it soon will be the past
But i'll still have these memories
But why can't they fucking last?
Maybe they can

This is a time, this is a time, we'll remember
This is a time with lots of hope
And very little fear
And a time where every move we make seems so sincere

But when the song is sung and the moment's gone
Only you'll know, all we've shared
And i hope that you can rekindle too
This same feeling in the air

This is a time, we can remember

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