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Teresa Eden

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A tribute to alanis morissette
Written and performed by teresa eden

I told you that i loved you and i begged you to stay
And even while i'm cryin' you left anyway
But you keep comin back around and expect me just to do it again

It seems some people have it easy while some got it hard
And maybe you and me, we just ain't in the cards
But we keep playin' like we're winnin' baby just to stay in the game

Chorus. . . .
I hope you know how much i love you 'cause baby you know i do
But i can see the little boy in you acting like your father too
And if we can't stop this cycle from goin' round
It's just like alanis said, i'm just a woman down. . .

And when your rampage is over, i can see in your eyes
All the pain and the heartache, you try hard to hide
Because your father and your mother didn't take the time to show they cared

We've got to try to look inside ourselves and learn from our past
And try to teach our children a love that will last
Give them all the love we can and show them what a light they cast



Bridge. . .
It doesn't matter what religion you are, or what culture your from
Just remember that all of us came, we came from light and from love
Yes we came from light and from love. . . .