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Buddha Belly

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Verse i:
Everybody's searching for something, expecting nothing
As the world keeps spinning around and 'round
Everybody's lost in reason, pounding the ceiling
When the walls appear why not walk around
Now's the time to pour cheap wine, eavesdrop party lines
Obsess on wicked senses, compromise defenses, and

Walk through the door today, gently break away
Don't talk me down to safe, let me fall from grace
Drown in a pretty face, but don't leave a trace
Paint all the excess space, toss caution through a window
And take a walk on cloud nine

Verse ii:
Living hard on billboard virtue, cold wind can burn you
As you chase the ghost through a concrete town
Sometimes you can't read the meaning, quietly screaming
As you slip away let your hair fall down
Now's the time to stumble steady, bathing in confetti
And forget your sorrows, disconnect tomorrow, and

(repeat chorus)
(repeat verse i)
(repeat chorus)