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A warnin
The warnin
A shot across yo brow
Were here to change your style
Talkin bout the world for you and me
The time has come today
To make a better way
Can you envison what we see now?
Its time to make a change
Its time to re-arrange
Talkin bout this world before we leave here
And who knows what they know
All war has got to go
Or chaos that well see
So come on, come on, come on, come on, come on , come on, come on, come on----dont you wanna see that peace for you and me yeah

Confrontations confrontations
Complications complications
We got in our minds yessss
And what makes the situation
Much bigger than all the nations
Is its programmed in our hearts--here
One day its global warmin
We act like we aint had no warnin
We all gotta make a change now
And the people still believe
That its washington d.c.
Thats gonna give us everything that we need


The doomsday clock
Was set on our watch
Its hard for me to believe (hard to believe)
Its time for us to see
That were one big family
Im talkin bout this home for you and me
And we blame it on the man
But we refuse to make a stand
We may reach our destiny(may reach our destiny)
But its time to make plan
Cause we got it in our hand
You open up yo eyes and youll see

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