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Date de parution : 26/12/2006

Durée : 0:09:03

Style : Rock

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Fading light, i see the shadows fall
I hear the darkness sigh
As it rises from a dead man's pillow
Taking his last breath to the winds outside

Threads of moonlight torch the grounds
Snow forms a cover of silence
Candlelight spreads its wings over my soul
The flame illuminates the night

Searching for answers
My mind's a deceit
With myself torn to fragments
My life means defeat

Where is my savior?
Why did he leave me alone?
In my winter frost palace
Where sorrows are sown

A winternight depression
A winternight depression

I try to find a way deep into my dreams
Try to flee from cruel reality
To be suspended into a sea of emptiness
And never, never wake up again
Never wake up, never again

A winternight depression
A winternight depression

Did you ever hear a dead baby
Crying in its cradle?
Did you ever see a black sun
Rising above a silent world?

Did you ever speak words
No one would ever hear?
Did you ever scream out what you feel
When you, when you, when you see the pain?
When you see the pain, pain

I see a new day, the candlelight dies
The darkness meets the beauty of the light

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