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Storm Large

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Date de parution : 07/10/2014

Durée : 0:03:1

Style : Pop

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You'll never know a woman's heart,
Just can't see that far,
Down such a long and pretty road,
That you'll never go,

Well you might haunt her every dream,
And you might have a name she screams,
And you can tear her world apart,
And never know,
A woman's heart

She will build you such a home,
Of swirling blood and salty bones,
And you will feel all big and bold,
Strong and whole.
Then out of nowhere she will go,
Short and sharp and icy cold,
And she will stare right through your soul,
Like you're the pane of a dirty window

You'll never know a woman's heart,
No one can see through the dark,
But you can let the thunder roll,
Until it's gone

So open wide your hammer chest,
Put down your bag, pick up your best
Believe the fire from the spark resides within

Underneath warm salty water,
Understand that heaven's daughter,
Is deeply scarred without a mark,
And forever loves you,
With a woman's heart...

But you'll never know.

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