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Stop for a minute, don't make a move
Like you don't have much to prove
Standing there, hands in the air
Like you don't have much to care

A you can't say what you b
I don't c what you see
I hear a melo d
To drop with a mellow e

Hell not, never give a f
Never shit a g
Never dinged the h
Why you lieing to my i

Dj be careful with the k
Before everyday blaze l
The condemned will all condem
And the m, the n, remember o
I used to want the p but i'd rather do not q

I don,t wanna hear r
I don,t wanna hear s too
Sit back and sip t
It starts but not u
Or ill give you straight v
Single me w

No stress life from your x
Don't angle to no y yes
It's only ever the way with your sket from a to z

Stop for a minute

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