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On board the craft, i noticed a lot of electrical-like ceiling lines, like the lines in the human brain. there are windows or screen areas all around the ship. they're like a two-way mirror - a kind of projection place. it is as if these window screens are made of a combination of metal, crystal, or mirrored glass.
I see a cloudscape or landscape on suspended plastic sheets. i notice slanted surfaces on the tops of machines with instruments on panels. small creatures are busily moving around. they are seated at the controls at the base of the slanted walls. robot-like creatures, with large black eyes that appear to have reptilian and insectile facial qualities.
I don't have any problem facing the little ones that are so blissful, but the ugly ones scare and repulse me. it's like the larvae inside the leather faced skin of a hard dark scary machine. the reptile-faced insect bodied robots, they are being brought forth to perform specific functions...

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