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Melissa Polinar

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Bleeding til it hurts
The need to start over again
The stillness with the burn
Remembering how to be begin

When will it be my turn
When time and i become friends?
And how will all this work
When you know where i have been?

You see, the fire that was isn't here
My heart is hanging onto every fear
Singing the words as i try to heal
This dark and deepest part of me
Trying to hold on


Keep off the ledge
Far from the edge now
Wave the white flag
It's time to back down
Wake up and set
To keep your head above water

Dive in the sea
Where you can be and
Swim in the deep
Where you and i breathe
Wake up and set
To keep your head above water


For all and what its worth
We rose and fell but in the end
We learn from how we were
Everyone longs to pretend

Drowning in the dark
Even when the sun touches our face
Reaching for the stars
As we look back in the race

You see, the fire inside disappeared
My heart is always out in the clear
Telling myself there's nothing to fear
When the dark and deepest part of me
Is trying to let go


Oh the crashing waves
Bury me 'til i choose to be brave

- - - -

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