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Tess Henley

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Date de parution : 07/05/2013

Durée : 0:03:49

Style : R&B/Soul

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Ive had some time to think
And at this point it seems,
I could let it all get to me.
I could be bored and blue,
Waiting for something new,
Wondering what am i gonna do?

On the other hand,
I could find a place to land
And put my toes in the sand.
Theres a master plan.
Sometimes the blind man can see better than we can.

I dont wanna live my life in a rush,
Waiting for the day to be done.
Im not gonna be frustrated uh uh,
Cause i aint got nobody, nobody to love.
And i dont need to buy no material stuff,
Cause everything i need, i got, and that is enough.
And even when the world seems cold and rough,
I understand what matters most and i rise above,
Above, above.

Im gonna let life be,
Savor beauty,
Like the morning glory.
Like timeless tunes that stay,
The early dew in may,
Im on a natural high night or day.
Dont make sense to me,
Why you look farsightedly.
No, no ive got to disagree,
Cause before you know, so fast the years did go.
Yeah im here to tell you so

(repeat chorus)

I rise above,
Everything i need i got and that is enough,
I rise above, la da da, da da da ooh

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