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Oh quick, there they go,
Where they end up nobody knows.
Quick, get the hose,
Spray them down and wet their clothes yo.
S***, i stubbed my toe
Run too fast but think too slow
Lost my oar using hands to row
None to show, kisses to blow
Break you down is the name of their game
They, them, we, us, i, you, same bus
How to place trust when it all seems a bust?
Swallow all their pain with your inner heart flame

Turn off all the city lights
Let us see the fireflies
Do not worry they wont bite
Just mosquitoes in disguise

If youre one of them, then you know who you are.
Trying to hold us back so we dont get too far
Fake, so f***ing fake
So f***ing fake that it makes my stomach ache
Break, give me a break
Take and you give and you take and you take
But no need for anger, there is only me to blame
And i swallow all the pain with my inner heart flame

Even when they want to bout
Take your heart and tear it out
Never let them bring you down
Hold your head high dignified.
Never let them bring you down
Even when they crucify.

Those who want to blind your eyes
Cut your tongue and crucify
Steal your soul and then erase
Show them you can never break!
Never let them bring you down
Hold your head high dignified
Never let them bring you down
Show them youre not pacified

Tyranny just makes me stronger!

Oh s***, there they go
Are our lyrics making you uncomfortable?
No? you wanna grow?
Someone get a brain for our friendly scarecrow
Heart? you need some heart?
You say your other one was torn apart?
Mouth, if you just zip it shut
Gotta look inside to find your true love

Tyranny just makes me stronger!
But it will not last much longer!

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