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Death Angel

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Date de parution : 14/09/2010

Durée : 0:04:32

Style : Rock

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Scorching down the mountain with a roar of thunder
Ravenous undertow that drags you under
Violent thrashing in the jaws of fury
Scathing hate from the one man jury

The final day, the final night
Devoid of sound, absence of light

Valleys of gray in a world so toxic
Slither through the muck of the now dead, once sick
Sniffing out prey for the final cleansing
No allies, no love, too late for mending

Flowing from your skull like molten lava
The warmth of your blood heats the freezing horror
Shred fingers to the bone clawing walls unseen
Clinging to your faith, so goddamn obscene

Rats strip the bones of vermin like you
Hypocrite supreme as you preach your virtue
Scald of your charm, now taste the backlash
Choking in a storm of human ash

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