Paroles de Absense of sense

Jimmy Hinchcliff

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Will you come to see me ?
My mind is really growing..
I miss you very deeply,
We can leave this world both knowing

There's an absense of sense
There's an absense of sense

'cause i know the fools
Who taught us in the schools
Filled up our heads
With chalkboards of lead

And has the earth stopped turning,
'cause my ego's really burning
Or has the day just come
Where the spirit and mind are one

There's an absense of sense,
Absense of sense

Your life's a mess
Just a breeding ground for stress
Why look surprised ?
We all have to die...alright's d-day's d-day's d-day's d-day, call....later

Look and you will find
Deep within their eyes
There's nowhere to hide
From these times

There's an absense of sense
Just absense of sense
There's an absense of sense

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