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Näshulta Thugs

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Yeah, motherfucking nigga!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yo.

'sup motherfuckers this is the story 'bout.
How we killed them motherfuckers showed them who's the niggas. yeah
It was in town, them motherfuckers came.
They didn't know who they were fucking with. aha
They chased us with their motherfucking cars trying to catch us.
But we ran nigga away from those motherfuckers. yo
They chased us into the woods motherfucker.
But we got away from them motherfuckers.yeah
We took our tec9's like real gangsta niggas.
When the motherfucking cops came they couldn't do shit nigga. motherfucker

We are feared by everyone, them motherfuckers are so afraid.
Of the niggas from the hood. aha
'cuz they know what's gonna happen if they try to come at us,
Yo we'll just blast them fuckers with our tec9's yeah!

Fucking pussies, playing cool, when they see us niggas they shit
In their motherfucking pants.


Aha yeah yo yo yo

So the more of the story goes, they found our place in the deep, deep woods.
Tryina drivin' in to our motherfucking place. yeah yo yeah
Who do they think them motherfuckers are? driving around in their police cars.
All cops are bastards, that's what we say and we ain't showin' no respect to
Those motherfuckers. yeah

'cuz we are fucking badass, we hate the cops. aha yeah yo motherfuckers!!

We took them motherfuckers strapped them on a pole, we shot them motherfuckers
Didn't show them mercy at all, cuz we hate the cops cuz we are fucking badass
Motherfucking niggas.

Yeah, yeah, yo!

So you fucking motherfucking cops don't come to our hood cuz you only get your
Ass kicked motherfuckers. we hate you motherfuckers. yeah!