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Its com sense, yall you know im rhyming in heaven
Come to rock it at hot 93 point 7
You know how it goes, the way i spark words
In connecticut, yo, im in hartford
Down the street, yall, understand im colder than winter
I could go after this, then go to sportscenter
Go to the campus, com sensell be on the canvas to paint it
They say aint it
That boy from chicago, you could follow
Me on twitter yo, your babysitter
Better get a new one, cause i be the through one
Coming through some different type of things
I got many dreams
The dreamer and believer
Get you open like a wide receiver
Im a high achiever
I know they came down, i came to jam
They said i should have came to the jingle jam
I am that brother that went to fam u
Never getting stuck, chilling with nance and buck
And this is how it goes, yo, i always kick flows
Next year im coming to the jingle jam shows
Or maybe we could do it in the spring or the summer
When it comes to this, i came from the ground under
And now its going on, we keep going on
I came to hartford so i could film p0rn
P0rn, yo, com sense
I got wits for acres like forest whitaker
The money maker, rhyme shaker
Let you know i got the odor
Funky like that, i did a film with ray liotta
And i could keep turning it over and over and over with flows
They seen me earlier at mos
Getting a little breakfast
Yo, you could check this
That girl said, i got things thats on your checklist
And yeah, its all good when i come down
Went to the mall, i didnt stall and
Never will i fall so
I will ball like the brothers do in paris
When it come to this, common sense got will just like a ferris
Yo, i keep going hard and hard
When it come to this, emcees, they getting scarred
I get right here on this old-school beat
They keep asking me who im talking bout in sweet
Is it that guy or this guy? this is just, just shy
When it come to this, com sense, i guess i get high
High off the style like wiz khalifa

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