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Date de parution : 20/07/2010

Durée : 0:08:08

Style : Rock

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Chromosomes x and y, divide and multiply
Constant revolving d.n.a.
Adapting to stimuli through vibrations of nuclei
Until humanity dies away

So now break it down into the finite compounds

Who could foresee when we crawled from the ocean
Those who could stand upon these shores?
We evolve from primate to man
From man to gods, from gods to dust

Ryan solo

Uncharted growth breeds in us new hope
Our phenotypic divergence
Genomes in mutation sparks a revelation
Beginnings of a species convergence



Greg solo

See this double helix rise like a phoenix
From these ashes
Of humanities flaws

Ryan solo
Ryan solo
Greg solo
Greg & ryan

So if they want to pit us against survival of the fittest
To see how we will make it through
To survive with distinction a species hell-bent on extinction
If only darwin knew



Who could foresee when the first cell was split that the process would lead to this

We evolve from primate to man from man to gods, from gods to dust

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