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Stiff Little Fingers

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It was a different world back then
Though not so long ago
I thought i understood most men
And now i just don't know
For all that i thought myself smart
I can't fix the rupture and break
In my achilles' heart

And all the certainties i had
Here all been washed away
It seems my world was built on sand
It vanished in a day
With all my beliefs torn apart
And i'm left with now are the shards
(of) my achilles' heart

What seemed like dreams are really nightmares
What seemed like fiction's really real
When my brain won't take in what my eyes say they've seen
Then we've surely reached the end

So although life must soldier on
A way of living now has gone
A right to freedom and to be
Has been denied to you and me
It's difficult but we must start
To undo the damage that's done
To our achilles' heart

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