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Boy, you can go away
And don't try and come back
I don't forgive mistakes.
Don't you excuse yourself
You're a scabby liar
We need some blood to clean our honor.
I am a titan of patience
You will lose your first battle
I wont give you my hand.
Don't follow me !!!
You will get lost on the first mile
I wont tell you the rest
See you in a cuckoo's nest.
I don't talk with bastards
I don't ever talk
You know, its not in my style.,
No, no, no, no !!
I trust no one
You know i walk my way !
(chorus:) don't follow me ---- you'll kill yourself
Stay at your place don't think bout' me
Don't follow me ---- you'll kill yourself
We were not made to win !!

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