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The Artichokes

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Theres acid in my stomach and theres blood in my veins
Kids are busy playing in the sun and the rain
I cant help feeling concerned that i am insane
Theres someone staring at me and a place is a plane

The sky is far too bright but it is night where i stare
Its sunny where im standing but its flooding somewhere
And i cant be concerned because i really dont care
If where i am is fine why do i think about there

And its fine i dont have the time
For concern for the things ive learned
And i know that someday ill grow
But right now i just cant figure out how

Im walking up the stairs that make the life that i live
Im having trouble caring finding shits that i give
And i cant help pretending that i like to forgive
Forgetting is the problem for the people im with

Theres books up on the bookshelves but the spines arent cracked
Forgotten where theyre standing but theres knowledge untapped
And i cant be concerned because its knowledge i lack
But someone somewhere wrote them and they make me feel bad


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