Paroles de Act i: the pass of nair-kaan

Rhapsody Of Fire

pochette album Act i: the pass of nair-kaan
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Date de parution : 25/01/2011

Durée : 0:02:01

Style : Rock

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(khaas:) where are we iras?
(iras:) near to the doorway of hell...
(dargor:) can you can you see?
(tarish:) no, but we must press on... what is that?
(khaas:) howling... it's coming from everywhere!
(iras:) naroth... run!

Running fast, chased by the naroth, they face the avalanche

(all together:) what's that? the ground...!
(khaas:) it's an avalanche!!
(tarish:) no, hold on! help me!

(dargor:) are there any injured? are you well, my friend?
(iras:) yes

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