Paroles de Act like a married man

Jean Shepard

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Date de parution : 06/11/2009

Durée : 0:02:36

Style : Country

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You say you want to take me out so we can paint the town
Well, i don't care a thing about you're kind of running 'round
The town will go unpainted if you depend on me
I don't intend to wreck my life with a man who isn't free

You've got a good wife at home you know she's never been untrue
She's got the whole world of fate and fast and competence in you
How you can be unfaithful i just can't understand
Now why don't you go home to your wife and act like a married man

Well i suppose you wonder why i say the things i say
Well it's because i'm making plans to have a home someday
I want to be a good wife and never be untrue
And i don't want my man to be a cheater such as you
You've got a good wife

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