Paroles de Act vi: the sixth seal

Opera Ix

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Fall low into silence and fill
Up your mental calix with black
Substance of nothing
Burn 3 blood candles and breath
The dense fumes of gorgio
Enter the sacred circle and hail
The altar of the dying sun
8 silver tinklings to hear the
Secret name
Rise from silence, open your
Eyes and vibrate
Gorgot, assai belem
I invoke you timelessness
Who visits earth and skies
You, who lives night and day
Who knows darkness and light
Asar lin-nefer
No one ever saw you, in any time
You are jabas, you are japos
You are the right, and the
You are the female and the male
You are seeds and fruits
I am the ancient to whom you
Entrusted the mysteries
Listen to me cause i'm the angel
Of shaytan and this is your real
East air
Listen to me and subdue all
Demons to me
So that all spirits of external
Spaces and seperate dimensions
All spells and gods scourges
Obey me, on and under earth
In the great water, in the
Whirlwind, in the burning fire!
South fire
I invoke you, terrible and
Ivisible god who resides in the
Empty of the spirit
West water
Listen to me.
Assal-ou ai aphaniao i thothe
Abrasar acooi ischure
Powerful and timeless
North earth
I invoke you, ma barraio ioel
Kotha athor-e-bal-o abraoth
East spirit
Listen to me
He's the gods' master
He's the god of universe
Winds fear him
It's him who uttered the word
He's the master of everything,
King, ruler, succourer!
North spirit
Listen to me
I'm the timeless spirit, strong
Immortal fire
I am the truth, i am him who
Shines and thunders!-aca

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