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Ray Childish

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Date de parution : 03/11/2009

Durée : 0:05:53

Style : Alternative

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It's a shame that you got a prize
For your tousled hair and circled eyes
You look so pitiable in your cluttered room
Amidst all the trash and your doom

But she's simply addicted to the bloke
She's simply addicted to the bloke

The lights are dim, with an orange glow
The scenery's got something of a bizarre show
You're just standing there humming a song
I'd like to know how you're getting along

Everybody knows what you've done
Cause you never lie to anyone

So you start to climb the railing to get a better view
You're bobbing your head to the music, feeling fucking good
Someone grabs you by the waist in fear that you could fall
And i bet if you fell, you wouldn't care at all

She knows that you're dangerous but to her you're like a pill
Her friends call her insane but she loves you and always will,
She always will

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