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Lord im addicted to your love. lord im addicted to your word. lord im addicted to your touch. lord im addicted to your grace.

I got the shakes and my heartaches as i wait for you to answer my prayer. i got the quakes im going through withdrawals; because i know i cant live without you. i am addicted to your love the way you touch me your word that breathes life into my soul. see im addicted to you im addicted to you.

If i could shoot you in my veins, sniff you through my nose, feel your blood running through my soul. if i could walk with you, talk with you. i be in you and you be in me. if i could just touch the hem of your garment i know that that i could fly. id be free because im addicted to you.

Ive searched every corner ive looked and not found, feeling for something no hope around. one hit from the master could turn it all around, cause when its you and me jesus. i feel so complete when im here at your feet. when your spirit covers me, your presence is all i need is just you and me jesus. see i need you. longing, falling, obsessing not regressing, yearning and burning, thirsting and aching and painfully waiting, im captive but elective, imprisoned to praised, blessed and amazed how you changed my nights to day.

I cant live, i cant breathe, i cant see, i cant be, i cant walk, i cant talk, because im nothing without you lord.

When the nightfalls i pray and pause, and then you come to take my call, you rescue me wipe away my tears. i love the way you that you calm my fears.

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