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This is the song dedicated to addiction
Or obsession call it what u like,
Its very unhealthy it can make the sane go crazy
It can make the sane go crazy

Verse 1
At first it was love, bliss, and happiness. passion in the motion i expressed.
Overwhelmed by ur presence always content never wanted anybody else i thought if heaven exists its here. until my happiness turned to tears. all my fears exposed. like a bad dream with no close. screaming for help but everytime i wept, u left, u fucking left without once looking back. i didnt know how to react, my love for u was under attack, i couldnt take it. i needed u back. i came cryin' to u, 'till everything was cool, atleast until i thought it was. fuck the drugs! being around u was my buzz. we had a energy a type of chemistry that kept me fiendin for u. but theres no high in the world that lasts forever, lasts forever...

Verse 2
Whenever we disagree u push me out the door and leave. but u keep the door open, just enuff, that when push comes to shove u can string me along like some fucked up r&b song. 'cause after time apart, u miss me too much. so we have a break up fuck and each time it happens it made the passion even stronger, we stay together longer. but each break up got harder. i had the urge to be violent, jealousy i couldnt hide it. craziness i couldnt fight it. i was losing it. this is one big mind game fueled by pain that i couldnt escape. my sanity has been raped. what happened to fate? this is far from that. this is one fucking giant mistake. i was obsessed with u, u consume my brain. and worst of all it wasnt gonna change.

Verse 3
I was changing for the worst, little shit made me curse. each verse that i wrote was therapy.i couldnt cope, i'd smoke weed and flow.escape in the agony of letting this control me. what is happening to me? im getting violent from all the screams and all this fighting. this is sucking all the life from me. this either gonna kill u or kill me. but without the high u give me im incomplete, so please accept me, and treat me with a little fucking dignity.'cause i need u. i cant function without u. nothing can replace u. the feeling that u bring is very addicting, very consuming. very controlling. this is killing me i need some fucking therapy. 'cause im sick of u controlling me. i wannafunction normally. like everybody else, and again find happiness. i need to know its for the best, i swear to god im putting u back on the shelf, miss addiction, 'cause now im respectin' myself

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