Paroles de Addiction

Michael Shelly

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( talking )
Yeah. guess whos back? e to the y. yeah.

( verse 1 )
Look i know you thinkin bout me c'mon lets just keep it real girl
No mtv baby but welcome to the real world
I am going be your new fantasy
Going to wake up in the night. and all you see is me
Tattooed my name by your belly button ring
And she just cant get enough aye.

( chorus )
She's sumthen like a drug
She got me messed up
She's my addiction
Im so addicted... to her

( verse 2 )
Look im gone off your perfume
High up off your remedy
I feel it, she ridin with the realest,
She spinnin my hearts like spree wheels
On every single e-mail
Pictures on my wall baby girl photogenic
You see those pictures baby im in it
Cause.. im addicted to you

( chorus )

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