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Date de parution : 03/09/2009

Durée : 0:04:39

Style : Alternative

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What the hell
Do you take me for?
I've got nothing left
To thank you for.
You're one of my problems
So make your destination
Back where you came from
And leave my situation.....
You're addition, by subtraction
And i don't care, now what happens-
You're addition, by subtraction
And you're nothing, now, but distraction.
Insecurity is washed ashore
Your words don't bother me, anymore
It's not my problem, that ive declined your invitation, to psycho-parties, lies, and hallucination.a violent mental patient, in need of examination..
You're addition, by subtraction..
And i don't care now,'cos it's happened.....
And i don't care at all, about you, i'm better off, without you ...

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