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Ben Folds

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Date de parution : 20/10/2006

Durée : 0:03:12

Style : Rock

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Adelaide on a plane
Far from the united states of l.a.
Dropping in from outer space
Takes a day now i see the bogans at the motor race

Here you know the world could turn or crash and burn
And you would never know it
Going where the air is clear
Theres better beer in adelaide

Charlie hill smith's forty
Someone spiked my rice the rest, history
Now i am a fixture down rundle mall
Watching as the locals pass silver balls

I can see their eyes around theyre pointed down
They scan the spanning sidewalks
Learning that there is no hurry, fuss or worry, adelaide

Its raining in adelaide, a face is waiting in a window
A voice says, "why adelaide, you could live anywhere"
And i say, "because i want to, because i want to, i really, really want to"

And you know the earth could turn or crash and burn
And you would never know it, really got to make it to the finish line
Get the record done on time, pack the bags and catch a flight
And you can kiss my ass goodbye
On adelaide, adelaide, adelaide, adelaide

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