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Lisa Lambert

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Im sure that you have heard the name adolpho
A ladies man who wins a claim, adolpho
Well lovely miss i am the same adolpho
I introduce myself, i am adolpho

(nice to meet you, shall we?)

Not so fast!

So just in case you didnt hear, adolpho
Ill try to make it very clear, adolpho
The lovely ladies always cheer, adolpho
When i repeat myself, i am adolpho


I can sing it hi, adolpho
I can sing it low, adolpho
I can sing it very fast, adolpho
I can sing it very slowly

Id do it now, but it would take hours
Now lets see if you can remember my name!

(ill give it a shot.)

Now whos the fella that you see? (adolpho)
And how should you refer to me? (adolpho)
And who is it ill always be? (adolpho)
Now sing it proudly! (you are adolpho!)

Now let me spell it out for you!
For all you lovely ladies that didnt hear for some reason because maybe you are, hard of hearing or something

It goes:
Daa ha ha ha ha hallll
Ffff, ffff, ffooooooo agh!

I ammm adolpho!


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