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Date de parution : 06/10/2008

Durée : 0:06:19

Style : Rock

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Everyone is doing their best to destroy it
Simplicity's forgotten and we all drill the ground
I stand free, i refuse to be surrounded
The stones and dust bite hostile

Devours flesh and bones
The weakest lost in hatred
Consequence is upon your door
Responsible for my own life
I'm reborn again and again

Driven to increase my own power
By creation, the purest choice
Destined to rule my life
And go the way of all flesh

Nature is my only master
I will bow to no one
The ground is dry like rock
Without any hope left inside

But now i decide to grab my life
With my hands
Crave for freedom build my own life
Adoration for none

Reaction is a weakness the strong cannot afford
My path is not determined by actions of others
They fill themselves with hate
Covering their faces blackened

The wolves are back and crave to kill
Slip on stones and break their legs
Try to hide from termination but the time has come
You will have to pay the debt of nature

And now you are the one
To change the face of the world
You wield the sword, the pain is left aside
And i have left my tears behind me
So i re-find the way that i know, so bright to me

And i only adore the fact that we are the creators
Of our own lives
And lust for power is the master disease of our time
This force alone devours the weak and rules the strongest

So mired in convolution
It chokes the life from your throat
Break the chains of complication
I breathe the air of freedom

There is no room for your judgment
My life is mine alone
I purge myself from resentment
I breathe the air of freedom

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