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The Holy Karon

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(intro x4)
The cops and the klan go fuckin' hand and hand

(verse 1)
I'm lookin' right into this pig eyes, yeah
I can tell i'm everything he despise, yeah
A cracker cop, a black man, demise, yeah
Funny cause we the ones that vilified
Villainized for my fuckin' skin
Anger built within, never us, only them
So much hatred for these racists, elevated
It's so basic, they want us annihilated
Why the niggas won't awaken, forsaken, damn
Death of my niggas is non fuckin' stop
Every click of the clock, another drop
So next time you grab your glock
Put it at a coppers top, shoot 'em till drop

(hook x2)
No more worry about an adversary
I can't worry about niggas that's buried
We just pissin' all on their cemetery
Laughing as we burn your obituary

(verse 2)
I'm tired of begging for my fucking rights
So tonight we gon' fight
The price of freedom is a mother life
So it's life or it's death, piercing of the flesh
Blood fresh from his neck
21 gun salute, we celebrate their death, yeah
The cops is the klan, they just dyed their sheets, yeah
Biggest gang running these fucking streets, yeah
It just the adversary or me
Blue heart will bleed, death to the enemy

(hook x2)