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My words, my will and all that i am you despise
I stand accused, alone and mocked, i stare away silently
Bound and dragged through hateful masses.
"punishment", scorn their ugly faces.
Impaling me
Iron nails ran in..

I've been reborn
The transfiguration has taken its toll
Exalting my soul

From death i am risen in triumph regardless of you
The very embodiment of light, i now shimmer and glow
Forever hallowed be my name
As i shake your realm by its foundations
I can deliver you
For i've beared the cross...


Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else
I've been reborn... behold


Through darkness i've passed beyond and back
Harrowing hell so all can be free
Those bound by earthly sin must be appalled
Render, repent, and transcend your plea

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