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Saving Abel

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Date de parution : 10/02/2009

Durée : 0:03:16

Style : Soundtrack

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After all the pain you put me through
I can't stand to see the sight of you
And you wont drown me in your misery
You'll have to find someone else to be your company.

Fact versus opinion
Nothing ever lasts forever
So, when she said she was leaving this time
I smiled and said i'd let her
Cause never in my life am i so glad to see something end
So in retrospect of everything
I'm hysterical, lifted lifted


Its not a question of love and hate
We made our life together so desolate
I'll just call this my last letcure
My savior from self destruction


Yeah yeah yeah
They say that misery loves company
Yeah yeah yeah
They say that misery loves company

Cause after all that you put me through
I never want to see you again
Cause i have come to terms this aint no life or death situation


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