Paroles de After the blue

Sarah Fimm

pochette album After the blue
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Date de parution : 15/06/2001

Durée : 0:05:37

Style : Vocal

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The sky she asks for rain
Clouds they start to blend to one
Words they seem to move the sun
So often we are buried by the truth
We sit here far removed
I wonder where we'll be after the blue
A patient girl she waits as violets start to cringe again
The hollow moon she starts to bend
And fractured pieces of her distant youth
They fly above to soothe
The heart that's seen the sky after the blue
How we like to tread on stars, treating them like stones
Pretending they are sisters so we do not have to feel alone
Seduced by friends of compromise i fight to find my nourishment
Until i do, i'm not content
For now i wear my sorrow very true
This life is ending soon, for now i'm settled here
But once i'm gone i'll come look beyond for you
After the blue

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